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Eva Evdokimova dancing tonight (Feb 25)

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I noticed in the Times review of Sensdance that Eva Evdokimova is appearing with the company and will be dancing tonight:

Each program has a guest performer in dances by Mr. Rübsam and other choreographers. On Thursday that spot was occupied by Eva Evdokimova, a ballerina who performed with major companies during her long career. Mr. Rübsam's devotion to her was evident in his delicate new "Litanei and Frühlingsglaube," a solo set to two Schubert songs.

Ms. Evdokimova filled the stage with her strong but quiet presence, moving from spot to spot for small, clear forays into sadness and almost giddy joy. Both the solo and her performance were celebrations of the kind of artistry that comes only with maturity and experience. (She is to perform again tonight.)

read review

(Dirac has posted this on Links, but I put it here, too, for Evdokimova fans.)

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