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Like many of you, no doubt, I love, love, love the opportunity to see/hear MET Opera productions at my local theater -- and I go to most of them

These productions have also spurred my long time ambition to replace or enchance my opera CD collection with video based versions. The reason? I am one of those who is in tune with an opera being not just music and singing, but also the marriage of music, emotions, words, and spectacle. For me, I need to see the singer, read the subtitle words.....in essense "be in the opera house".

That these Met productions are available on DVD and Blu-ray has inspired me to "listen" to operas at home on DVD/BD instead of on CDs. But here's my question.....

Although some of the MET HD operas are available in Blu-ray, many are DVD only. I'd far prefer the Blu-ray versions. Does anyone know how the decisions are made as to whether a production will be released on DVD vs Bly-ray? In particular, what are the odds that something that's DVD only right now will later be released on Blu-ray also. I've attempted to research this, but have found no information.

Case in point.....I would love to have a copy of the Met's "Enchanted Island". It's available on DVD but not Blu-ray. I'd hate to buy the DVD and then find out later that a Blu-ray version is released. Incidentally, the cost for either version (when they exist) are very similar.

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