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Carlo di Lanno leaving La Scala for SFB soloist position

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As mentioned in this article, and from our Ballet News & Issues thread - Carlo di Lanno appears to be coming to SFB.

"I decided to leave La Scala because I believe that the only way to grow as a dan­cer is to go onstage and dance as much as pos­sible. Obvi­ously it wasn’t an easy decision because, even though I only had a sea­sonal con­tract for the corps de bal­let, I think I had carved out a good pos­i­tion, and was being given won­der­ful roles with inter­na­tional stars.

Unfor­tu­nately, at La Scala, though I love its rep­er­toire, the num­ber of shows is small com­pared with many for­eign com­pan­ies, and this determ­ined my choice in the end."

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