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Royal Ballet School Graduate Placements

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I'm posting this here, because it will impact so many companies going forward.

The Royal Ballet School tweeted"

Well done to our 2014 grads - 100% jobs in top companies! See where they're going here: http://bit.ly/1otSqqD

Here's the full URL to their website, which lists all of the graduates and their new companies:


It's great that two are going to Sarasota, where Iain Webb is establishing an Ashton tradition, and four are going to National Romanian Ballet, which happily is getting well-deserved recognition through Cojocaru and Kobborg. (Two have Italian first and last names, and if they are Italian-speakers, Romanian shouldn't be that much of a stretch.)

Congratulations to them all and to the companies that hired them :flowers:

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Well done to all!

Was just looking at the list and spotted this "Hannah Bettes (2nd Year) – Boston Ballet". Would anyone know what the 2nd year bit refers to? I thought the school was just two years?

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