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hello (again) from san francisco

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Hi All,

I've been signed up for balletalert for about five years, and in the intervening time had two children, finished my PhD, and various and sundry other things that have made posting the last thing on my mind! But the time has come...

My name is Carrie Gaiser Casey, and I am a HUGE ballet geek. I have a PhD in Performance Studies from UC Berkeley, with a dissertation on women in early twentieth century American ballet, pre-Balanchine. I teach in the LEAP (Liberal Education for Arts Professionals) program at St. Mary's College, which enables working performers, usually dancers, to achieve their BA while working full time professionally. I also assist with adult education and outreach programming at San Francisco Ballet, and do their Ballet 101 dance history lectures and repertory reviews. I have a blog on dance history topics: cgaisercasey.tumblr.com. It's really my forum for thinking aloud, and holding myself accountable to writing about dance on an ongoing basis. I am currently reading about Soviet ballet (the books by Sourtiz and Ezrahi), sparked by Ratmansky's Shostakovich Trilogy, which premiered here at SFB this season (2014). Other obsessions include Balanchine's La Valse and his "neo-gothic" choreographic strand; Pavlova's world tours; and how dance changes through its transmission in the studio, and how teacher-student relationships shape steps.

Oh, almost forgot. Professional career, danced with Fort Worth Dallas Ballet, Paul Mejia, AD, back in the day (1993-97); attended the Kirov Academy, Washington, DC, for three years when it first opened. My teacher was Alla Sizova, a beautiful human being inside and out.

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