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Kultur enters the streaming market

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Here's the text of an April press release. Not terribly informative, alas, and neither is the (poorly designed) website. You really have to dig around to find out how much it costs ($9.99 per month). And aside from the "kulturkast with Chromecast" tag, there's no real information regarding which devices you can use to watch the content and how it will be delivered -- e.g., on a tablet via an app, on a computer via a browser plug-in, and / or a TV via a streaming media player. Worse still, either the catalogue is very limited (are there really only two items in the "Ballet" category?) or the Kultur folks aren't going to let you see what's available until you sign up. (Since you have to give them a credit card number to access the free trial, I'm not inclined to give it a test drive to get my questions answered.) So far, I'm not impressed. (Go to the Netflix or Vudu websites to see how it should be done.)

Press release

For immediate release

Kultur to Launch New Streaming Service for Cultural and Educational Content

Cannes, France ­ April 7, 2014 — U.S.­based programming network KULTUR announced that it will release its new subscription-­based VOD (video-­on­-demand) service for cultural and educational content in May 2014. Key partnerships signed with well­-known programming providers will also be announced at launch. CEO Thomas Buchar states, "Though we can't yet reveal who we have signed deals with, the videos-­on­-demand Kultur will offer via streaming delivery are brand name top-­tier properties, known and loved worldwide. "To access cultural entertainment online currently, consumers must search through thousands of titles on various streaming services such as Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon, among others, to find the material they prefer to watch. It is a time-­consuming problem that Kultur solves by curating and aggregating all the best content — in opera, classical music, ballet, and documentary films — in one place. Some viewers even subscribe to multiple online services in order to receive the variety of content in these categories. Kultur will now be the one­-stop destination for this material. Based on Kultur’s history as the premier marketplace for cultural and educational content, it will offer thousands of hours of video upon its U.S. launch in May 2014 and aims to be the leading subscription-­based cultural and performing arts VOD company in the world by 2016.

About Kultur:

Kultur (www.kultur.com) brings the world’s greatest performing arts and cultural programming to audiences in a variety of formats, including DVD, Blu­ray and streaming. With thousands of titles featuring the legends of opera, ballet and classical music, Kultur also offers the largest collection of art, literature and history programs as seen on Public Television, The Discovery Channel, The History Channel and other networks. For over 30 years, Kultur has been the leading source of world­class performing arts titles.

There's a bit more on the "About" page on their website.

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