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Moscow IBC - Round II results

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Before I give the results of Round Two...a brief mention of the undisputed highlight in this competition, so far: the Ukrainean pair of Natalia Domracheva (jr. division) and Leonid Sarafanov (sr. division) in Balanchine's 'Tarantella' last night. A once-in-a-lifetime performance for me - WOW!!!! All the elements were there, with technique the *least* important facet. These two dancers have artistry, musicality, and -- best of all -- charisma. The Real Thing, folks. And the 'buzz' is that they've already signed soloist contracts with Royal Danish Ballet. Well...they have worked with RDB soloist/choreographer Alexei Ratmansky and, apparently, he had nabbed this glorious couple for Copenhagen. Long-time Moscow IBC audiences are talking 'Grand Prix' for Domracheva...she is that good and he (Sarafanov) is not far behind the girl.

Following are the dancers who have made the finals, set to take place all-day tomorrow (Sunday). My own "stars" (*) beside names of those who, I think, are worthy of medals.

JUNIOR GIRLS (17 made it; very few weeded out in last round...surprise, as only 4-5 are truly worthy of being in final round, in the opinion of those who sat through the entire jr group)

Ekaterina Shalkina (Ukr)

Anna Ginsburg (Moscow)

Natalia Kleymenova (Moscow)

Polina Semenova (Moscow)

Alexandra Sudoreeva (Kazak)

Yekaterina Kreisanova (Moscow)

* Veronika Varnovskaya (Moscow)

* Paula Andrea Elizondo (Argentina) - survived horrible fall in contemp round, I was told; technical whiz...takes huge risks

Julia Bolshakova (Moscow)

Julia Grebenschikova (Voronezh)

**Misa Kuranaga (Japan) magnificent...classically pure. Technically perfect, yet light 'elegant' manner. Alas, someone even more magnificent stands in her way of gold (perhaps) -- Ukraine's Domratcheva.

Anastasia Kurkova (Moscow)

Maria Klimova (Krasnoyarsk)

Maria Kochetkova (Moscow)

* Milena Sidorova (Ukraine) everybody loves this sprite of a girl for her two contemporary dances - her own choreography. (first round, it was a girl who can't fall asleep and battles with her pillow...to the music of Romeo & Juliet 'pillow dance'; yesterday, a clever "Spider' number to Grieg's Peer Gynt-Anitra Dance) Alas, the final round is all-classical, so we'll see if she can survive to a medal of some sort

Darya Ivanova (Moscow)

****Natalia Domracheva (Ukraine) - Has become the shoo-in for gold, unless she wins Grand Prix, in which case Japan's Misa K. might win Jr Girls gold instead.

JUNIOR BOYS (4...huh???)

* Alexander Butrimovich (Nizhny Novgorod)

Vladimir Tristan (Ukr)

Ruslan Savdenov (Kazak)

Vyacheslav Lopatin (Voronezh)

SENIOR WOMEN (8...surprised at how *few* passed on...then again, this is 100% correct. Judges did the appropriate 'weeding out' only in this category)

**Wang Qimin (China) exquisite...elegant...sure medal, but of which metal?

* Kim Joo-Won (Korea) light, romantic wisp...her Rnd I Giselle "did it" for her. It's 'Talisman pdd' tomorrow. Good choice?

Kyoko Takeichi (Japan)

Anna Zharova (Novosibirsk)

* Roberta Marcues (Brazil) the Brasileiros are HOT! Have the audience behind them. probably the most popular pair, behind the Ukraineans (Domracheva/Sarafanov) and the Bolshoi pair (Shipulina/Skvortsov).

* Oksana Kucheruk (St. Petes, Russia) still "in it" but lost points in round II for technical slip ups, I fear. We'll see if they can make-up tomorrow.

* Yurie Higuchi (Japan) wonderful technique and audience appeal...the Lausanne winner, Royal Ballet student, current soloist in Perm...great credentials - the one who, IMO, could challenge Wang and Schipulina for gold. More likely, silver or bronze. We'll see.

** Yekaterina Schipulina (Bolshoi-Moscow) Still very much in the running for Sr Womens Gold. Not quite spot-on last night...Is there an 'opening' for the elegant Chinese beauty, Wang Qimin? Hmmm...don't forget where we are..

SENIOR MEN (13...high number, again)

Vladimir Dmitriev (Moscow)

* Roman Mikhailov (St. Petersburg)...dances with Kucheruk

* Igor Schepachev (Moldova)...he's strong but his wife-partner did not make it to the finals due to technical problems last night.

Denis Bordiyan (Novosibirsk)

** Leonid Sarafanov (Ukraine) the man in that AMAZING Ukrainean team...he, too, is being mentioned for Grand prix. Off to Copenhagen after this contest?

Sergei Teplov (Moscow)

Sergei Vasyuchenko (Ukraine)

* Alexander Voltchkov (Bolshoi - Moscow)

** Han Po (China) the tall, perfect-turn-out partner of Wang.

* Tiago Soares-Pinto (Brazil) Hot-hot-hot!! Crowd fave.

Alexei Borzov (Moscow)

* Ruslan Skvortsov (Bolshoi-Moscow) Schipulina's partner & quite good himself

Tomonori Ochi (Japan)

- Jeannie

p.s. - I am hoping that the Ukraineans get to reprise 'Tarantella' at the Gala, as this will be televised/recorded. You must see it to believe it. McBride/Villela...

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Jeannie -- thank you for the wonderful reports!! I, too, would love to see them perform "Tarantella" -- is there any way we can also get video tape copies of the competition?! I also thought that Domracheva had already made her "contract" with the Hamburg Ballet after her winning the Prix de Lausanne apprenticeship scholarship this year? But if her partner is going to RDB...well then, perhaps she might follow him too? :) Once again, thank you for the wonderful reports, and I will be very excited to hear about the finals!!

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Terry - You're probably right about Domracheva's Hamburg commitments. I am just going on what Russians sitting next to me, in the audience say. I mean it when I write "buzz"...that's what it is. Apparently, Ratmansky has been coaching them, in sort form or another. It's incredible to see this Ukrainean-Danish cross-fertilization. Right, Alexandra? ;) Well...I suppose that even Mr. Bournonville was an 'outsider' himself, at one time (French, not Danish)!

Back to bed...bad head cold. Glad that there's no competition tonight.

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Once again, for those of you who are interested, here is the website for the competition: http://www.russianballet.ru/competition/about.htm

Because this site is in Russian, you can view the website under this translator: http://translation2.paralink.com/urlmode.asp

Also, since we're talking about competitions, I thought I would just provide the links to the upcoming IBCs:

* 2nd Shanghai International Ballet Competition: www.chinaballet.com

*4th Modern and Ballet International Ballet Competition in Nagoya (Japan): www3.ocn.ne.jp/~ibc00ngo/


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