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Greetings from San Diego!

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Hello, all.

I'm Cory, a thirty-something male, and live in Hillcrest, San Diego. I am not a dancer, but a fan, and a fairly casual one at that. I guess I'm just here to learn more.

I went to the Nutcracker as a small kid here in San Diego. I have very scarce, but fun, memories of going. So, when the movie First Position came out at my local theater (which carries mainly art/budget films), I decided I'd give it a try (one can almost never go wrong at that theater). I came out of that movie in awe. I soon started following Miko Fogarty on Facebook.

I went to the Nutcracker again that winter, put on by California Ballet, which appears to be the biggest company in our fair city. I found myself in awe of the dancing and especially the costumes (the latter inspiring my username on here). However, I needed to read up on the plot afterwards in order to understand what it was all about. Plus, I am not up on all the terminology, even plie (sp?) and barre and such.

So...now I'm rambling. I come here as a fan and observer, in search of knowledge.

Still looking at the Rules/Regs and hints for newbies, letting that sink in. So, that's all for now.

Thank you.

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Welcome, ClaraFan. Nutcracker is a great place to start! Thanks for taking the time to read the Rules/Regs and hints, and please jump in with questions or comments when you're ready.

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