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Hi everyone,

I have loved ballet ever since I crammed my chubby little feet into my first pair of ballet shoes aged 4. Last September, after a 30 year break, I crammed my chubby slightly larger feet into my umpteenth pair of ballet shoes and reclaimed my place at the barre. My love affair and quest for perfect turnout, extension, arabesque, pirouette etc continues ... helpsmilie.gif

Looking forward to hearing all about you. Ax

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Hello Ax, and welcome to Ballet Alert! We are an audience site, and as a fan, we hope you tell us about performances you see and that you weigh in on ballet issues.

As an ballet student, you may be interested in our sister board, Ballet Talk for Dancers:


where there is a forum for adult students, as well as a lot of information relevant to all dance students. BT4D requires separate registration.

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