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List of Upcoming IBC-style Competitions (updated)

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I just received a press release from the organizers of the next Moscow IBC competitions -- yes, it appears that it will occur. Thus, I am updating my earlier list of upcoming UNESCO-sponsored International Ballet Competitions ("IBCs") & what I term "IBC Clones." I have received MANY an e-mail from prospective competitors/teachers/family, etc. since my Varna2000 reports. Rather than e-mail everyone separately, I hope that the following list is read by all interested parties. If anyone wishes to have details on entering any of these events, then e-mail me privately @ <szoradi@erols.com> I have details & contact info for all events except for the one in Kazan, for which the best option is to contact the Grishko company (see www.grishko.com for a start).

YEAR 2000

Paris IBC - classical portion: Nov. 25 - Dec. 3

YEAR 2001

Prix de Lausanne: Jan 21 - 28

Kazan, Russia (halfway between Moscow & Perm, in Western Russia): April 9 - 14

Helsinki IBC: May 26 - June 5

Moscow IBC: June 8 - 18

Vaganova Prix, St. Petersburg: ??? usually every three years, so the next should be this June 2001, but no info yet

Shanghai: August 12 - 19

YEAR 2002

Prix de Lausanne: January (dates TBD)

Nagoya: Feb. 10 - 17

Budapest/Nureyev Prix: TBD, late March

Jackson IBC: TBD, June

Varna IBC (20th Jubilee edition): July 15- 30

Paris IBC: TBD, Nov/Dec

- Jeannie

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I have a friend who is interested in participating in the Moscow IBC --

where can I get more information

about it?

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This from the press release, issued by editor of BALET magazine (which always gives lavish & extensive coverage to this IBC):

9th Moscow IBC to be held 8 - 18 June 2001, under the sponsorship of the Bolshoi Theater & the Russian Federation's Ministry of Culture.

Junior-level competitors: born between 1 January 1983 & 31 December 1986.

Senior-level competitors: born between 1 January 1974 & 31 December 1982.

May enroll & compete as either solo or couple.

Choreographic prize also to be awarded.

For more information, please contact:

Moscow IBC

Arbat Street no. 35, suite 561

121835 Moscow, RUSSIA

Telephone: (095)248-34-94

Fax: (095) 230-24-27

E-mail: intermedia@mail.tcnet.ru

This is a very prestigious competition which, like Jackson, occurs only every four year. Budding Bolshoi star Maria Alexandrova won the senior gold last time. Not quite sure how Bolshoi dancers will be able to enter next year, as this competition will coincide with the Bolshoi Ballet's London tour. Then again, only one-third of the Bolshoi troupe came to America, so I suspect that a similar number of dancers will make their way to Covent Garden, leaving lots of colleagues back home in Moscow, able to enter this competition.

To answer an earlier question, Terry, I seriously doubt that Mr. Grigorovich would be involved in a competition sponsored by the current Bolshoi administration. Times have changed.

[This message has been edited by Jeannie (edited August 10, 2000).]

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Guest catherine

Jeannie... just wondering how does the Paris competition stack up against Varna and Moscow in terms of prestige? Have you been to this one?

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The Paris IBC is the newest addition to the CID/UNESCO-sponsored series of competitions, having been inaugurated ca. 1990 (with the Kirov's Makhalina & Zelensky winning top honors, if memory serves me). Due to its relative youth, it is a tad lower in prestige than the "Big Three" oldie-goldies, which are: (1) Varna - began 1964, (2) Moscow - began 1969, & (3) Jackson - began ca 1978.

Besides those mentioned above, other CID/UNESCO-sponsored IBCs include those held in Helsinki & New York. Both of these were created in the 1980s, Helsinki ca 1983 & New York ca 1985. Helsinki was originally intended to take the place of the now-defunct Osaka IBC. [The original 'vision' of CID/UNESCO was to have the four sites--Varna, Moscow, Osaka-cum-Helsinki & Jackson--rotate...a different venue every four years...never happened for a variety of reasons.]

Nowadays, there is no logical pattern to when each is held. Some every four years (Moscow & Jackson), some every two years (Varna & Paris), some every three years (New York)...and some whenever the funding materializes (Helsinki). I've stopped planning beyond two years. Rather, when I see the poster or advertisement for a competition, I mark it on the calendar. No guessing!

To answer another of your questions - No, I have never attended the Paris IBC. I've attended two Moscows & one each of Jackson and Varna. My autumn is packed with 'regular work' commitments, so I won't make it this year. Besides, I had long-ago planned the trip in January to see the premiere of 'Paquita' @ POB (free Delta air ticket!) & the Moscow and Shanghai competitions in summer...travel budget for Fiscal-Year 2001 has already been allocated. Can't do it all. smile.gif

[This message has been edited by Jeannie (edited August 15, 2000).]

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I've just received competition-dates for a couple of events previously designated as "dates to-be-determined" (as per original post above):

2002 Rudolf Nureyev Ballet Competition, Budapest, Hungary: March 9 - 16, 2002.

2002 Jackson (Mississippi, USA) IBC: June 15 - 30, 2002.

- Jeannie

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Guest Annina


Jeannie do you, or does anyone for that matter, know whom to contact for Helsinki IBC information? Thank you! smile.gif

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Regarding the Helsinki IBC (26 May - 5 June 2001), the following information comes from a recent press release:

Contact Info -

Helsinki International Ballet Competition

Meritullinkatu 33-A


Helsinki, Finland

Tel. (+358-9) 135-7861

Fax (_358-9) 135-5522

E-mail: ballet@teatteri.org

Components of the competition:

DANCERS - The programme will consist of both classical & modern dance. There will be both Senior & Junior categories. Juniors, age 15 - 18; Seniors, age 19-25.

CHOREOGRAPHERS - A special Choreography Competition for works created after January 1, 2000, utilizing Finnish music, will be held on the 2nd of June, 2001, in one round. The selection to the competition participants will be made from video-cassettes. *Dancers participating in the competing choreographies need not be participants of the Ballet Competition.

INT'L SYMPOSIUM ON DANCE & MEDICINE - to be held 3 - 4 JUNE, 2001, covering psychological, nutritional & medical aspects of dance.

As you see, there will be some interesting twists to this competition. Also interesting is the fact that this event will end just before the venerable Moscow IBC commences in the neighboring country of Russia...so could we expect to see some of the same dancers in both contests? - Jeannie

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