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i used to be an active member on here years ago but it seems a lot has changed...

in fact its been so long that my old username was available once again! i was hoping to get some advice about an upcoming audition i have but cant find the right place to post it. where are all of the boards for active dancers that used to be be here? where is men in ballet, pointe shoe topics, summer intensive forums, etc???

i havent been dancing seriously for the last few years but have decided to audition for a company that showed interest in me a while back and need some advice.

please help me navigate the site so i can find out where to post my questions!!!

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This is Ballet Alert!, which is the audience site. You are looking for Ballet Talk for Dancers, which is now a separate board with separate registration:


BT4D requires a paid email address (from an IP provider, workplace, school, etc.) and does not accept mail from gmail, hotmail, msn, yahoo, etc.

Two two sites use the same software, and the registration process is very similar.

I'm going to close this thread.

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