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I need some pro advice - Am I too late to pursue ballet?

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I feel embarrassed to be asking this here because you probably get these questions all the time! But I need to get some informed advice on this, and I (think) I know the answer will be yes, I am too late, but I'd like honest responses nonetheless :)

I'm 15 and have been taking ballet recreationally since I was 10, but took a one year break after my first year of vocational pointe work (RAD Intermediate Foundation). I have since fallen back in love with ballet and would really like to try pursuing the art professionally. The re-professional school I would audition for wants their students to be 17 or 18 and then complete a two year program which prepares them for a professional career. To get into this school I have to have completed RAD Intermediate and Advanced 1, and then move to the town where the school is for the course which begins at an Advanced 2 training level.

I live in New Zealand where the dancing community, especially ballet, is significantly smaller than the US which means there are less young dancers wanting to be stars.

have been homeschooled for my primary school years and would have no problem returning to homeschooling if I got into the school of dance. If you do the math, I'll be graduated and ready to join a company at about 20/21. Is this too late? I am very driven and passionate about ballet and get so excited thinking about joining a pre-professional school and training for 20-30 hours a week.

I just want to be realistic with myself. I probably don't have a shot at getting into a company when I'm older, but is it at all possible?

Thank you so much! And I'm new to the forum so sorry if I broke any rules.

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Hello ChantillaElla,

You are on Ballet Alert!, a ballet discussion board from the point of view of the audience, where our minimum age is 16. You are looking for our sister board, Ballet Talk for Dancers (BT4D), where the minimum age is 13:


You need to register separately for BT4D, and you will need an email address that is not from a free domain like gmail, msn, etc. An address from a school, the provider of your internet, organization, etc. is required. (We have different registration policies.) You should be able to cut-and-paste your post into the appropriate thread on BT4D.

I'm going to close this thread.

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