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IBC News -- Jackson Competition

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A press release about the upcoming IBC competition in Jackson, Mississippi:



JACKSON, Miss., February 22, 2001 – The USA International Ballet Competition (USA IBC) to be held June 15 – 30, 2002, in Jackson, Mississippi, will once again allow non-competing partners to dance in pas de deux performances. Dancers will also have the added option of performing either two solo variations or one pas de deux during Round One performances.

"As one of the world’s oldest ballet competitions, the USA IBC is committed to continually improving the quality of the event," said Sue Lobrano, executive director of the USA IBC. "Non-competing partners did not participate in the 1998 competition and, as a result, only 12 of the 85 competing dancers participated as competing couples. We anticipate this rule change will give more dancers with a partner an opportunity to compete."

Lobrano also expects this change to offer the competition’s audiences a greater variety of performances to enjoy.

"The combination of solo and pas de deux programs will add an extra measure of interest and excitement to Round One in particular," Lobrano said. "Opening night is always energy-packed and a thrilling experience."

Whether planning for a solo or pas de deux, dancers preparing to enter the 2002 USA IBC are reminded that the application process requires a performance video demonstrating their abilities be submitted along with a written application and a letter of recommendation. Dancers should include non-competing partner information on their written application. Dancers must also choose to compete in either the Junior or Senior division.

"Our Competitor Selection Committee, comprised of well-known dance experts, evaluates hundreds of entries from around the world," said Lobrano. "Reviewing videotaped performances has proven to increase the accuracy of the selection process, and ultimately the caliber of competition performance."

Applications for the 2002 competition will be available in Summer 2001.



"The USA IBC offers dancers an experience of a lifetime," Lobrano said. "In addition to competing for medals, cash awards and scholarships, many competitors have the chance to launch their career by signing a contract with a well-known dance company. Whether dancers win a medal or not, their exposure during the USA IBC is phenomenal."

The USA IBC is designated as the official international ballet competition in the United States by a 1982 Joint Resolution of Congress. Every four years, the two-week "olympic-style" event hosts three rounds of competition in Jackson, Mississippi.

For more information, visit the USA IBC’s new Web site at www.usaibc.com or call 601.355.9853.


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