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Mme. Hermine

Lynn Seymour and Peter Schaufuss La Sylphide 1978

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The Chicago Film Archives are preserving the hundreds and hundreds of films in Ruth Page's collection and are slowly putting them on line. This is a rehearsal film in which Seymour and Schaufuss are dancing with the Chicago Ballet in January 1978. A little over a year later the company would disband. They were dancing here in a good theater (the Lyric Opera) with a full orchestra. As it is a rehearsal, sometimes someone wouldn't always dance full out. The Madge is Freddie Franklin and Effie is a girl named Cynthia Ann Roses. (The film isn't labeled apart from the title but I happened to have seen the rehearsal).

If you look at it you need not to use Explorer, I was told it wouldn't work with that. Additionally the sound is low so put your speakers up as much as you can.


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The Page archives seem to have a wealth of this stuff -- I'm really looking forward to seeing how it all comes together.

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