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The Milkman Danceth Again

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I couldn't resist picking up this title after seeing the Taylor company in Dandelion Wine. Three of the men have white milkmen outfits

and the fourth (Patrick Corbin) looks like a gas station attendent in bright yellow. The ladies have very unflattering white sun dresses.

Inspite of the costumes, this is a lovely piece danced to Locatelli. Taylor has an affinity for Baroque composers, see Arden Court and

Airs. I didn't find this as interesting as those pieces but perhaps I need to see it again. There is the usual assortment of Taylor

archetypes - the short, quick moving woman in this case danced by Julie Tice (I think), Patrick Corbin as the center of the piece is

a virtuoso and their are two couples with contrasting ppds.

This was followed by Antique Valentine set to familiar pieces (many by Chopin) played by player pianos or old music boxes. The men

are dressed like members of a barber shop quartet and the women like china figurines. All of the movement looks like that of

mechanical dolls. The best part of the piece is a ppd for Corbin and Lisa Viola complete with a handkerchief that she keeps dropping

and he retrieves, and his hat, which keeps falling off and getting away. The musical climax is the Chopin piece that Robbins uses

for the pas de six in Dances at a Gathering. The mechanical movement is an interesting conceit by it wears thin quickly. I don't

have to see this one again.

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