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Hello everyone

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I am a former ballet dancer and a former ballet teacher who was blessed with daughters who inherited the turnout and the arches from their father and not from me so that ballet was never in the cards. But life is cruel, as we all know, and so I got a granddaughter now with the body and the passion for ballet. So I am watching (and trying to make sense of) the ballet world around me that has changed so much over the past thirty years...

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Welcome to Ballet Alert! seniordancer! We hope you find things on our site to fill in some of the gaps.

I'd recommend listening to the Ballet Initiative podcast with Linda Hamilton, who talks about the changes since she was a dancer at NYCB (Linda Homek), and how she went to college and most of graduate school during her dance career. She earned a PhD a couple of years after she stopped dancing.

To see how training has (or hasn't) changed, you'd find plenty of information at our sister site, Ballet Talk for Dancers, which requires separate registration. There's a link to "BT4D" on the menu bar under our logo.

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