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Hello eveyone!

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I'm relatively new to the world of ballet, by way of being the mother of a young dancer. I have however grown to love ballet quite independently of my daughter's dancing. For now, my interests are in seeing the most important works of the classical repertoire, live if possible. I have also discovered the live cinema relays and have been able to see some great ballets that way!

I'm thrilled to have found this forum as there seems to be loads of fascinating information and insight. For now I'm planning to mostly just hang aroud and read up. Thanks to all the contributors!

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Thank you, Lobelia, for the lovely introduction.

The live cinema relays, while not quite the same as live-in-person, have been a great boon to people who do not live in ballet capitals -- and even for some who do! One of the wonders of our technological age.

Enjoy browsing through the discussions, and please feel free to add your own comments or questions as they arise.

Welcome to BalletAlert. :flowers:

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Welcome, Lobelia. What a pretty 'handle'! There is so much here on this forum, I'm sure you'll feel quite at home in a short time. Enjoy! clapping.gif ~ Karen

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