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Early Life and Works of George Balanchine

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A dissertation by Elizabeth Kattner-Ulrich at the Frei Universitat Berlin (2008) is titled:

"The Early Life and Works of George Balanchine (1913-1928)."

This thesis is available online and there is a link in Kattner's website "Elizabeth Kattner- Dance Artist".

This is a very well-written and well-documented discussion of Balanchine and his contemporaries. In particular there is a discussion of every piece he was known to choreograph up to and including Apollo (1928).

The chapter headings are:

1) Introduction

2) First Encounters at Theater School (1913-1920)

3) From Classical to Avant-garde: Early Soviet Influences

4) The Repertory of the Young Ballet (1921-1924)

5) The Bridge from East to West: The Tour of the Soviet Dancers (1924)

6) Choreographer for the Ballets Russes (1925-1927)

7) Apollo: The Final Transformation (1928)

Also includes appendices: Summary of early works; Correspondence from George Balanchine to Serge Diaghilev, and The challenges of dance reconstruction and restaging.

Well worth reading by anyone interested in Balanchine's early works and influences.

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Sandik, thank you for the PDF of the dissertation of Elizabeth Kattner-Ulrich. I will read it along with other recent Balanchine offerings.

Thank you, Sandik and Daniel - looking forward to reading this.

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