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Galina Ulanova

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I'm working on a presentation right now about Ulanova and her relationship to Soviet feminism/ideas about women during the mid-century in Russia. This is partly because I think her roles and her public persona are both endlessly fascinating.

To that end, I have a somewhat small question about her for my presentation. How many times was she married and to whom? I know she was married to Bolshoi lead designer Vadim Rindin during the Bolshoi's tours to the US. I've read a somewhat catty American newspaper article that suggests she was married 4 times. But this is during a period of American press when people are saying anything and everything about the Bolshoi, especially Ulanova, so it might just be gossip (vicious gossip since many of the newspaper reporters seemed antagonistic to Ulanova, who was relatively distant in her interactions with them). I've never seen any other indications that she was married more than once, but books about her tend not to mention her personal life at all. Does anyone know the truth of this statement?

I feel almost embarrassed to be asking this question, since there are so many more interesting things about Ulanova. I'd be equally happy if this discussion just moved on to talking about how wonderful her dancing was.

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i can't answer your question, but i've sent around a few emails to colleagues who might have answers.

in the meanwhile, here's a U.S. paper's newsphoto from '59 w/ Ulanova and Rindin (also spelt as below acc'd to NYPL cat. entry).

the newspaper caption here is perhaps off, i can find no ref. to a ballet of WAR AND PEACE so perhaps Rindin was responsible for designing the opera?

NYPL listing:

Ryndin, V. F. (Vadim Fedorovich), 1902-1974


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a colleague and historian from Moscow has written to say that Galina Sergeyevna was "connected" to three different men before she married Ryndin, but could not confirm that she was actually married to any of them other than Ryndin.

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another former Moscow resident and balletgoer writes to say that to the best of his understanding Galina Sergeyevna was perhaps married, first? to a pianist from the Mariinsky, perhaps in her student days, then to a theater director, followed by an individual who was an actor and a director, all before being married, one assumes, to designer, Ryndin. (as indicated above not that much factual has been published about G.S.U.'s private life.)

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This is the Russian version of the wikipedia site and the Russian versions almost always have much more information than the English versions, when it comes to Russia individuals.

In case, anyone cannot open up the site, here is the google translation which says under PRIVATE that she was married 3 times, near the end of the article.

Galina Ulanova ( December 26, 1909 [ 8 January 1910 ], St. Petersburg , Russian Empire - 21 March 1998 , Moscow , Russia ) - Soviet Russian ballerina , ballet teacher. , People's Artist of the USSR ( 1951 ). Twice Hero of Socialist Labor ( 1974 , 1980 ). Laureate of Lenin ( 1957 ) and four of Stalin ( 1941 , 1946 , 1947 , 1950 ) awards. Is the most titled and most of all the award among all folk artists of the USSR.

Biography [ edit | edit source code ]

Ulanova was born into a family of artists Ballet Mariinsky Theatre . Father Sergey Ulanov , went on to become a ballet director, and his mother, Maria Romanova , was a teacher Ballet School. For his career as a child ballerina did not seek.

At 9 years old was admitted to the Petrograd Ballet School, where her principal teachers were her mother - Maria Romanova (her first daughter was six years old), and then Agrippina Vaganova .

In 1928 she graduated from Ulanova Leningrad Choreographic School . After the final performance May 16 1928 Ulanova was accepted into the troupe of the Leningrad Theater of Opera and Ballet (later Leningrad State Academic Opera and Ballet Theatre named after SM Kirov, in 1992, and now - the Mariinsky Theatre). The first performances of Galina Ulanova in the theater immediately attracted the attention of critics. Here, in 1929 at the age of 19 years Ulanova danced her first leading part - Odette-Odile in "Swan Lake."

In the Kirov Theater Ulanova worked until 1944 . Among her other best roles of Giselle (" Giselle "Adam, 1932 ), Maria (" The Nutcracker "by Tchaikovsky, 1934 ), Maria (" The Fountain of Bakhchisarai "Asafiev, 1934 ). But the biggest success was the creation of Ulanova unique image of Juliet in Prokofiev's " Romeo and Juliet "( 1940 , choreographer Lavrovskiy ).About the transition to the Grand Theatre Ulanova said: "In Moscow, I would have never moved, so much the authorities ordered almost the Central Committee's decision on this issue was."

In 1942 arrived in Alma-Ata , worked in the company of the Kazakh State Academic Opera and Ballet Theatre in Alma-Ata , where she performed the roles of Maria in "The Fountain of Bakhchisarai" Asafiev, Giselle in the ballet A.Sh.Adana and also performed at the concerts. In 1943 she was awarded the honorary title " People's Artist of the Kazakh Soviet Socialist Republic . "

Images.png External Image Image-silk.pngUlanova in the ballet "Romeo
and Juliet "

In the years 1944-1960 Ulanova was the leading dancer of the Bolshoi Theatre, which also shone in " Swan Lake "," Romeo and Juliet "( 1947 ), " The Fountain of Bakhchisarai "( 1944 ), etc. The top of the tragic dance Ulanova was the role of Giselle (especially in scene of madness).

First Galina Ulanova performed in Vienna in July 1945. Performed the seventh waltz from " Chopiniana "and" Swan "," Waltz " Rubinstein with partner B. Transfiguration .

The first tour of the Bolshoi Theatre in 1956 in London , where Ulanova danced Giselle and Juliet and had a triumphant success, the likes of which, according to foreign authorities, they have not seen since the days of Anna Pavlova .

In 1960 , the last time danced " Chopiniana ", she finished a career dancer. His stage career dancer officially ended in 1962 . From 1960 to the end of his life Ulanova worked at the Bolshoi ballet master -coach. Among her pupils - a whole galaxy of stars Ekaterina Maximova , Vladimir Vasiliev , Svetlana Adyrkhayeva , Nina Timofeeva , Lyudmila Semenyaka , Nina Semizorova , Alla Mikhalchanka , Hope Grachev .

In 1964 I was chairman of the jury of the International Ballet Competition in Varna ( Bulgaria ), and in 1969 - I International Ballet Competition in Moscow.

Died 21 March 1998 in Moscow and was buried in the Novodevichy Cemetery (plot number 5).

Private [ edit | edit source code ]

She was married three times, and all three of its elected representatives - artists: director Yuri Zawadzki , actor and director Ivan Bersenev , artist Vadim Ryndin .

She did not have any hobbies, side of profession training. But, of course, have been passions: "Nature to me is the same as the music. It is also puzzling, "- said a dancer. "Before, there were horse-drawn tram in St. Petersburg. On the horses wore blinders that nothing would distract them. Here in these "blinkers" I took most of my life. Nothing prevented work, think about their profession. Most comfortable for me to state - the loneliness. I do not usually go up to anybody. If you come up to me, start talking about the theater. " She loved animals.

Was hard on yourself. Early in the morning - an hour has its own charging, which included ballet and pas. And in his later years her weight remained the same as in the artistic years - 49 kg. She was always elegant, graceful gait different light.

Honors and Awards [ edit | edit source code ]

In 1953 at the studio " thumbnail "for the film" Masters of Russian Ballet ". The film includes snippets of ballets Boris Asafiev " The Fountain of Bakhchisarai "and" Flames of Paris "and the ballet" Swan Lake " P. Tchaikovsky . Galina Ulanova performed in this film is one of the major parties.

Filmography [ edit | edit source code ]Memory [ edit | edit source code ]
The monument at the grave of Galina Ulanova at Novodevichy Cemetery
The plaque Galina Ulanova on Malaya Morskaya street, 13/8 in St. Petersburg
  • Creativity ballerina devoted documentaries "Galina Ulanova" (Black and white, 1963, directed by Christy L. and M. Slavinskaya ), "Ulanova World" (that "Screen" DH, 1981, directed by A. Simonov and Vasiliev) and the book "Galina Ulanova" V. Bogdanov-Berezovsky (Moscow, 1961), "Days with Ulanova" A. Kahn (Moscow, 1963), Boris Lvov-Anokhin G "Alina Ulanova" (Moscow, 1984) "Galina Ulanova:" I did not want to dance "by S. Davlekamova (Moscow, 2005).
  • In 1981 in Paris as part of an organized UNESCO gala evening premiere of the ballet "In honor of Ulanova" (choreographed by Vladimir Vasiliev).
  • The only dancer - she was living at the monuments in St. Petersburg at the Alley of Heroes of the Moscow Victory Park (1984, sculptor Anikushin ) [2] and the Stockholm front of the Museum Dance (1984, sculptor E. Janson Manizer).
  • In the Netherlands, was launched variety of tulips "Ulanova".
  • In France, the famous hall " Pleyel "was opened after reconstruction performance in her honor.
  • Apartment Ulanova in Moscow made ​​the memorial museum .
  • Name of Galina Ulanova jewelry set diamond weighing 164.70 carats produced in March 1998 on the diamond pipe "Lucky" in Western Yakutia. Diamond, "Galina Ulanova" joins a collection of over 400 unique and well-known registered Yakut diamonds, which are a national treasure of Russia.
  • 12 June 2003 in Almaty, on the facade of the building on the street, Almaty, 140 is a memorial plaque in memory of the stay of Galina Ulanova in Alma-Ata during the evacuation.
  • 8 January 2004 in St. Petersburg, in the courtyard of the St. Petersburg Academy of Russian Ballet. Vaganova was a monument to Galina Ulanova sculptor E. Janson Manizer.
  • 26 March 2008 on the wall 1/125-B on the coast waterfront , where the dancer had lived 47 years, was a memorial plaque [3] [4] .
  • In Russia Fund was established Galina Ulanova.
  • 1 December 2009 The Central Bank of Russia announced the release of a commemorative silver coin to 2 rubles dedicated to the centenary of the birth of Galina Ulanova. Coins issued edition 5000 pieces and are made ​​of 925 silver, weight 15.5 grams of pure metal (half an ounce). Despite the release date of the coins bear the date 2010 .
  • In honor of the centenary of the birth of Galina Ulanova were given gala concerts: January 8 "Mona Lisa of the Russian Ballet", held at the Mariinsky Theatre and 16 January at the Grand Theatre.
  • 21 July 2011 on the facade of the house 13/8 on Malaya Morskaya Street (former Gogol Street) in St. Petersburg, where Ulanova lived from 1926 to 1935, was a memorial plaque [5] [6] .
  • On coins and postage stamps
  • Reverse 2 rubles commemorative coin with a portrait of Ulanova

  • Galina Ulanova, Russian brand in 2000

Bibliography [ edit | edit source code ]
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Notes [ edit | edit source code ]
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References [ edit | edit source code ] 30px-Commons-logo.svg.png Galina Ulanova on Commons ?

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