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For cinema and photography buffs: it occurs to me that many people may not know about a certain website that has an enormous, ever-growing collection of cinema (mostly Hollywood) digital images. The quality is high - that is they tend to be large-size, digitally cleaned-up images. I will warn you that if you like this kind of thing, one can get lost for an entire evening, or day, on this website, merrily downloading images. ;)

Dr. Macro's High Quality Movie Scans

[Note that there are two different "galleries" referred to in the top right corner of the website (depending on whether the site owner supplied the photo, or someone from the general public) but all galleries are worth perusing.

As an example of the incredible goodies available:

Blondelle, Cagney and Keeler


Lillian Gish


Rain (Crawford and Huston)


Rear Window (Stewart and Burr)


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