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Happy Bicentennial Birthday Giuseppe Verdi!

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Thank God he was born!!!! I will see his Jerusalem in Sarasota this season in honor of him. Sarasota Opera has been doing a Verdi Cycle for years performing every opera he ever wrote, so I have been able to see things like Alzira, the french Trovatore.... Le Trouvere, Oberto, etc. It is actually fascinating to see that he really grew as a composer. He didn't just come out of the womb a genius like I originally thought when I first got into opera. He got better and better and his early stuff is truly just like bel canto but you hear him grow into his own voice in later operas. My life would be less without Verdi in it. Happy Birthday, Verdi!!!!

Too bad nobody can actually sing his works nowadays though! LOL Okay, that's my one little negative thought for today! LOL

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