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David Letterman has had so many opera singers on his show and has said he's gone to some in the past on previous shows, yet he always claims to be ignorant of the art form. I suspect he actually likes or even loves opera, but he wants to seem "cool" or something so he pretends he doesn't know anything about it. So few talk shows have opera singers appear, so I really suspect he actually knows more than he claims.

Fleming is a good sport, I suppose. But I can't picture Callas, Sutherland, etc. doing this! I did like the Ridi, Pagliaccio/Miley Cyrus twerking one! That made me laugh!

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#3!! #3!!

There's something about that part of Carmina Burana that is so didactic, and matching it up with washing instructions is just perfect!

"Wash dark colors separately!"

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