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Jane Simpson

Good news for the RDB

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A private fund in Denmark has just given the RDB about $9 million dollars for new work and new productions over the next 4 years - very good news at any time but particularly now, when the current season shows a sadly restricted repertory compared with a few years ago.

Eva Kistrup has the details in her blog

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A new production of Jewels -- it really is becoming a benchmark ballet, something that you present, in part, to prove that you can.

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It sounds great that this donation will make a revival of The Lady of the Camellias in the theatre's own costumes and sets possible. And a new ballet by Neumeier is a great idea, very much in line with the tradition of the company, who has always had a close relationship with the choreographer. Likewise I'll be looking forward to seeing Jewells with our own dancers, though I could be a little worried if they have enough dancers who can cope with its extremely tough technical challengies.

But why on earth does Hübbe want to replace his own La Sylphide with a new one? It is only 10 years old, and it is a very fine production. I hope it is only a case of renewing the sets for the second act, which are a little non-atmospheric, and not a completely new production (- and hopefully not an updated one, like Napoli and A Folk Tale!).

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