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Mme. Hermine

Sunday, August 25

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Ballet and baseball in Cincinnati:


Cervilio Amador turned his back to home plate, just like Johnny Cueto. Then he did two spins in the air before landing gracefully and throwing a ceremonial pitch to Cincinnati Reds closer Aroldis Chapman.



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Reviews of LA Dance Project.

The Telegraph

The sunniest piece on this Edinburgh International Festival programme is Millepied's own Moving Parts, which sets three men and two women on the stage with three sliding screens, elegantly designed by the artist Christopher Wool. The movement, an attractive mix of classical shapes and more relaxed flicks and falls, takes its character from the variations in Nico Muhly's score.

The Guardian

William Forsythe's Quintett (1993), a heavenly love lament powered by cerebral dance, completes this cleverly conceived, brave programme. Created as a tribute to his dying wife, dancer Tracy-Kai Maier, Quintett is an intimate deconstruction of a relationship, unsentimentally navigating its final grief through the bodies of three men and two women. Often one man is alone, watching, as if he is the one left behind. As with the two previous works, the score, Gavin Bryars' plaintive Jesus' Blood Never Failed Me Yet, plays a starring role.

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