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Ballet cinema broadcasts in Canada 2013-14

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I have posted an updated list here:


with casting, where I have been able to find it, and having removed the egregious errors from the Cineplex listings, to wit:

they misspell Mariinsky ("Marinksy"), have a photo of Carlos Acosta in Apollo to illustrate Don Quixote, refer to "The "genius" [sic] of Tchaikovsky's incredible score and the "genius" [sic] of the choreography of Marius Petipa and Lev Ivanov" (since when did they deserve quotation marks???) and have a "Swan Lake" trailer that has more footage and music from Sleeping Beauty than from Swan Lake. plus for "The Golden Age" they say "Boris and Rita's love is doused in poetic lyricism." Doused??? That means extinguished....Sheesh.

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