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Mme. Hermine

Sunday, July 14

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Clement Crisp reviews the Stanislavsky Ballet in Coppelia:


The Moscow Stanislavsky Ballet is returned to London after more than a decade, and shows us a company transformed. Gone a certain late-Soviet dowdiness, and in its place this alert ensemble, the splendid Igor Zelensky as director, and Sergey Polunin escaping his recent headline identity to be shown in his true persona as a young dancer of astonishing gifts.

Jeffrey Taylor was also in the audience:


He ought to be ashamed of himself. On the contrary, Russian Sergei Polunin, dancing the lead role of Franz in Stanislavsky’s Coppelia, apparently revels in the massive increase in his marketing value, the end result, as he apparently sees it, of walking out of commitments to two of our leading dance companies.

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Jay Rogoff reviews NYCB's "Ruby Ball Gala" in Saratoga Springs:


“Rubies,” George Balanchine’s modern masterpiece to Stravinsky, highlighted the Ruby Ball Gala Saturday night, closing the 48th New York City Ballet season at Saratoga Performing Arts Center. Megan Fairchild and Joaquin De Luz led with first-rate performances, as Savannah Lowery lent dynamic solo support.

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A warning about eating disorders for ballet pupils:


The head of a leading charity for people affected by eating disorders has called for stricter regulations in dance schools over concerns that ballet dancers are not given enough support at a vulnerable age.

Susan Ringwood, chief executive of Beat, said such disorders were "still a significant issue in the industry", and that the charity was "concerned".

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