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1982 Inaugural Society for Dance Research 'Dance Journal'

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From the email I received today from Dance Books:

During a recent warehouse tidying we've discovered several hundred copies of the first number of the Society for Dance Research's journal 'Dance Research', and we're happy to be able to offer these free of charge to anyone who would like a copy (though there will be small charge for postage). It's a 128 page paperback containing papers presented at the Society's inaugural meeting in 1982 and includes a wide subject coverage by some distinguished names: Ivor Guest, Clement Crisp, Selma Jeanne Cohen, Richard Ralph, June Layson, Belinda Quirey, Richard Glasstone, Ann Hutchinson Guest, Valerie Preston-Dunlop, John Blacking, Peter Brinson, Roderyk Lange, and Alexander Schouvaloff.


Postage to the US is 4.76 GBP (~7.45 USD) for one and 8.09 GBP for two.

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