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Self-Proclaimed Ballet Fans in Other Arts

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The Royal Opera House had an "Ask Joyce" feature, in which members of the public tweeted questions for visiting artist Joyce DiDonato, and she tweeted back the answers using the @RoyalOperaHouse account. The Q&A's are compiled here. Once exchange was:

  1. Ariadne Sofia auf Naxos [Facebook]: Do you have time to see other operas on your time off? What are you excited to see?


Royal Opera House@RoyalOperaHouse

Joyce: I saw Don Carlos here and it was wonderful. I go to everything I can in Santa Fe. Here, the ballet too. #AskJoyce

6 hours ago


As if I didn't need another reason to love JDD.

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Here's the one I like. I feel this way too and thought myself weird. I'm glad I have company smile.png.


Q: Handel or Mozart? Why?

Joyce: This is a Sophie's choice question. But at the end of the day, Handel. I'm sorry Wolfgang - that's an evil question!

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