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Kathleen O'Connell

Edward Gorey Honored with a Google Doodle!

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Edward Gorey, author, illustrator, and noted balletomane has been honored with his very own Google Doodle on what would have been his 88th birthday.

You can view an animated version of the doodle


Here's a HuffPo article about the Gorey Doodle, with a link to the animated intro he crafted for PBS' long-running "Mystery!" series.

A reprint of "The Lavender Leotard: or going a lot to the New York City Ballet," written to celebrate NYCB's 50th anniversary, is available for purchase here. The page includes an excerpt from Tobi Tobias' review of the book for Dance Magazine. Here's a quote:

Caricaturist not of personalities, but of events and ambiances, he chronicles the company's distinctive foibles, faults which have somehow become endearing to those of us who've seen the New York City Ballet through its lean years as well as the fat. There is its inability to cope with costumes and scenery, beginning with the poverty-stricken leotard and blue cyclorama days, when the company was rich only in aesthetic--'Don't you feel the whole idea of sets and costumes is vulgar?'

Deadpan, Gorey notes the chronic and incredible misuse of scenery: the Novice, dressed in her intestinal thing, with Nora's wet-locked hairdo, says to the G-stringed male bug she is about, somewhat reluctantly, to devour: 'Just once we could use the Serenade costumes and the backdrop from Lilac Garden.'

You can find the Ballet Alert! thread detailing all the inside baseball here.

Happy Birthday, Mr. Gorey!

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In related news, from facebook:

Facebook friends...visit GoreyStore.com today and use coupon code: DOODLE for 10% off orders of $35 or more

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Happy Birthday, Herr Blutig! I'm wearing my silver Gorey ballerina pin today in honor of him. The one in Giselle/Serenade tutu and arabesque pose; the other one, which I don't own, is a grand jete pose.

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Pictures from this year's Fantastagorey Day at the Edward Gorey House.


The Edward Gorey House in Yarmouth Port celebrated its biggest day of the year Saturday, Aug. 5 with Fantastagorey Day. Kids, and their families, enjoyed readings of Gorey’s books, face-painting, games, puppet shows, snacks and more.


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