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Supporting Ballet Alert! and Ballet Talk for Dancers

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Each year, Ballet Alert! and Ballet Talk for Dancers set an operating budget that includes joint hosting, software licensing fees, bank account fees, and payment processing fees plus a small cushion in case of a mid-period rate increase or special tech support. No one managing or moderating the site is paid; all of our flower tributes are virtual flowers.gif


Generally, the fundraiser occurs annually, but if we get a higher-than-unusual amount of amazon.com commissions or checks throughout the year, we wait until we need to raise more funds. We keep asking until we meet our target, and like Public TV and Radio membership drives, the pain is proportional to the amount of time we have to keep them open. We announce the fundraisers prominently at the top of our sites, as well as in the Links and other popular forums on Ballet Alert! They're hard to miss.


We are not a charitable organization, which means contributions are generally not tax-deductible. Some ballet professionals, though, may be able to treat contributions as an expense. Your tax professional should be able to advise you.


We raise money to operate Ballet Alert! and Ballet Talk for Dancers in two ways:


  1. Through amazon.com commissions, earned when members and visitors use the amazon.com search box at the bottom of each page and complete purchases through the amazon.com site. amazon.com remits commissions to us two months after they are earned, net of returns.
  2. Through contributions by check and credit card during our fundraising period and by check throughout the year.


If you wish to donate by check at any time throughout the year, please send yours written to "Ballet Talk" to:

Ballet Talk
11165 Abbotts Station Dr.
Johns Creek, GA 30097


If you have a Ballet Talk for Dancers or Ballet Alert! username, please write it in the memo field of your check, so we know whom to thank flowers.gif

We thank you very much!


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