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Greetings all!

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So happy to have found you and to be part of the forum! I live down the New Jersey Shore, which is in most ways nothing like the TV show...Have recently been having health issues that pretty much keep me grounded, so I look forward to sharing and learning for you! Although the beach is lovely in the summer, there are shall we say 'few' opportunities to be involved in the arts most of the year...My main interest other than ballet is fashion; having been a model myself way back when, I am lucky enough to still have several friends in the industry so following the designers and shows is a major passion as well!I will visit often and already appreciate all of your contributions! B

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Welcome, Boomer 123 -- you'll get a lot of commentary about NY companies and tours to NYC, but I hope you won't pass up hearing about companies in the UK, Europe, and the rest of North America. There are small bunches of us in places like Seattle and the Miami area, and we're pretty vocal.

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