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Just a short intro: I'm Ann, a one-time ballet dancer (amateur) and always avid follower of ballet news/events. I have various other interests, including classical and jazz music, literature, film, etc. I'm looking forward to exploring this site (I'm quite new to Forums!). smile.png

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We're pleased to meet you, Ann. shake2.gif

As you've browsed through our forums, you've probably noticed that while our primary focus is ballet, we discuss films, music, literature and the fine arts as well. We hope you'll feel free to contribute throughout.

And if, as a forum newbie, you have any questions, please don't be shy about asking. Every single one of us has been there, believe me. :)

Welcome to BalletAlert!

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Welcome, Ann. I'm a newbie, also (moving up through the ranks towards senior status! clapping.gif) Enjoy the site, there's so much to enjoy, it's sometimes overwhelming. (I never have enough time...).

~ Karen

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