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Amy Reusch

TimeWarner dropping Ovation as of 12/31/12

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Link to article here: http://www.multichannel.com/distribution/time-warner-cable-drop-ovation/140801

"Brad Samuels, the channel's EVP of content distribution, said in the release: “Time Warner Cable’s main rationale for dropping Ovation is economics and the growing cost of programming. While they are investing huge amounts in sports programming, they’ve chosen to limit their customers’ viewing options by cutting the only arts network in their lineup. Ovation believes this decision was ill-conceived. For pennies a month, TWC can continue to offer its customers the only network dedicated to the arts and continue to take part in vital arts and arts education programs for the communities they serve."

Cable TV is becoming irrelevant. Why pay to subscribe? One does better off the internet it seems.

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Classic Arts Showcase runs excerpts and clips, mostly from commericially-available recordings. Some of their offerings are hard to find, and I'm always glad to see them, but they don't (to my knowledge) ever run complete shows, and as far as I know, there's no actual schedule available to the public of what they're running when, so you can't look for something specific. It performs a service, but it's not a replacement for an arts channel that broadcasts complete programs on a predetermined schedule.

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