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I had only seen the second (the one from Vicar of Dibley). These are marvelous, and funny on several different levels. You don't have to know something about ballet, and feel affection for it, to find this funny.

When since the days of Nureyev's celebrity did U.S. television attempt something comparable concerning real (as opposed to comic-book) ballet? Other than the Muppets, I mean?

There's so much to think about in these videos. For example, from the first clip:

-- Am I insane, or is Dawn French's positioning of her head actually quite beautiful at times? (She's absorbed a bit of "La Sylphide," I think) Not to mention those assemblees performed WITHOUT LEAVING THE FLOOR. (Later on, Saunders critiques Bussell is critiqued for attempting air-borne sautes "I can't believe it, she's still leaving the ground.") smilie_mondieu.gif

-- Is the "good toes/ naughty toes" line actually used in ballet classes for children? The instruction to ... "Paint the ceiling"?

-- Have you ever seen someone think (as Saunders obviously does) that "marking" hand gestures are actually choreography?

-- Is Saunders right that Busssell is "too bendy and jumpy."

-- Have you ever been told in class to "start at the barre" and thought they were suggesting that you all go downstairs to the pub?

-- Saunders says, "I'm not happy with [bussell's] demi-bras." What's demi-bras? Is that Cecchetti or something?


French says: "I mean, sometimes, I wish I COULD be ungainly. But unfortunately, that's not for me at all." What a great line.

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I think the third has more than one part - I only linked the first one I found. And there's another one I can't find yet where they both go to Royal Ballet company class :)

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