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Alexander Ekman's 40 M UNDER... with Cullbert Ballet from Tendu TV

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From TenduTV's Facebook page:

Another must-see dance film from our friends at TenduTV... Alexander Ekman's 40 M UNDER...

Nov 28, 2012 10:34am

We are so pleased to be adding Alexander Ekman's quirky, comedic dance film featuring the Cullberg Ballet to our catalog. Download from iTunes here: http://bit.ly/40mUnder 40 M UNDER is available in full 1080P high definition (HD) on iTunes in the United States, Sweden and 10 additional countries.

Length: ‎1:43

There's a link to the promo video in this FB entry.

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I saw his Tuplet on Cedar Lake recently, and was very, very impressed -- don't know much more about him, but am certainly curious.

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