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La Bayadère - Royal Danish Ballet at Guggenheim, NY

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On Eva Kistrup's blog I just came across that Nikolaj Hübbe has been in New York on the 22nd of Octobre with some of his dancers to present the upcoming premiere of La Bayadère. It was part of Guggenheim's "Works & Process" and it is streamed here:


The dancers are: Alban Lendorf, J'aime Crandall, Jón Axel Fransson, Lena-Maria Gruber, Gitte Lindstrøm, Amy Watson and Holly Dorger.

Present are also the sconographer and costume designer Richard Hudson.

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La Bayadere has just finished its first run - there are more performances to come in the spring.

Read all about it:

Eva Kistrup on the first night and on later casts

Alexander Meinertz on the ballet as a whole and the second cast

My own review of the two later casts

One nice add-on in one of the foyers was an exhibition of jewellery inspired by Bayadere and specially made by Danish gold- and silversmiths - some lovely, elaborate pieces but you would need a certain lifestyle to even imagine being able to wear most of them! Though there was a very simple, elegant gold tiara which might just go with jeans and a nice jumper.

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