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Marcelo Gomes

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4 minutes ago, California said:

RE: the partnering. I can't imagine these two have danced much together - if ever. I like to pay special attention to some of the really tricky partnering -- the floating thing across the back of the stage, the move backing away from Myrtha on the diagonal, e.g. -- things that are so often bungled or awkward. These were smooth as silk as only an attentive partner could manage. And that was really lovely to see.

Yes, and I'm sure we can look forward to seeing the bungled/awkward  version several times at ABT in May.

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59 minutes ago, abatt said:

If anyone at the Mariinsky is reading this, please include Marcelo as a guest artist for your next visit to the Kennedy Center.  The east coast fans on Marcelo will turn out in big numbers.


Whatever erosion of technique there may be, I thought Gomes looked wonderful as Albrecht, and I've never seen him dance the role in the theater. There is much more from Act I on youtube via some of the same channels linked to above and I'm responding to those as well as what's here. In the early portions of Act I, he looks like he knows what he is doing in "courting" Giselle. He's not a mustache twirling villain, of course, but not innocently in love either or heedlessly carried away. Or did not seem so to me.  I like that more ambiguous portrayal and the arc of development it allows for the character to develop and deepen from the shock of Giselle's death.  I also think that approach suits an older Albrecht. (And Osmolkina is just dreamy as well as moving as Giselle--pretty much my ideal.)

But I'm planning on coming to D.C. for the Mariinsky's next visit--which is not for over a year--and I can't agree about wanting to see Gomes with the Mariinsky then...and in Corsaire especially (which is what they are bringing). I want to see their best Conrads and Alis even if I think it likely Gomes is a more charming performer and a better partner than one or two that they may, in fact, bring.  

However, if some producer wants to do a special program with Gomes in New York --A Kings of Dance type event or some such--and maybe even take it on tour--then they surely will be able to do very nicely selling tickets to his many admirers and fans.  (I'm assuming the past is past--and whatever led to his departure from ABT won't rear its head again.)

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As reported in the Sarasota Ballet thread, Marcelo will be performing the final pdd from The Two Pigeons with Victoria Hulland  during the company's August engagement at the Joyce Theater in NY.  This will be presented at the Saturday matinee and evening performances. 

Program 2

Starts with Wheeldon's There Where She Loved and then to commemorate the 30th anniversary of Ashton's passing the program will include Monotones I & II and four Ashton diverts/extracts (La Chatte Métamorphosée en Femme; the pas de trois from Les Patineurs; Méditation from Thaïs; and the final pas de deux from The Two Pigeons, performed by Victoria Hulland and guest artist Marcelo Gomes).

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