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New here!

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I've been coming here for a while, now, and I just love this board!

The discussions are always very enlightening and fun!

And I finally summoned the courage to subscribe. I'd love to participate more , but I'm not very confortable cause my English is very rusty.

I'm a former ballet dancer from Brazil, and currently, a very dedicated ballet fan and student of the theoric aspects of it!

I'm also a very ávid ballet watcher and collector! Used to teach ballet, tap and jazz dance for a few years, tôo!

Thank You, creators and moderators of ballet allert!

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Welcome to Ballet Alert! Drikaballerina!

We hope you'll join the discussion -- your English is fine :)

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I'd love to participate more , but I'm not very confortable cause my English is very rusty.

It can't be worse than mine, dear..! .and I still get to scream a lot around here, so...biggrin.png

Welcome, welcome..! tiphat.gif

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Welcome! My local ballet company here in Gainesville, FL has several Brazilian dancers, and they are impressive, so please share anything you know about the Brazilian dance scene as topics arise!

B. Birdsall

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Oh, yes...glad that Birdsall mentioned about the Brazilian dancers. We have a couple of them too over at Miami City Ballet, and they are amazing too. Yes, tell us about the ballet scene over your native country!

(BTW...I never feel as much as home as when interacting with Brazilians...our cultures have A LOT in common...flowers.gif )

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US companies are blessed to have Brazilian dancers. (Sometimes we think they're "ours" and forget.)

Just a few: at Pacific Northwest Ballet we have the beautiful Carla Korbes, and Marcelo Gomes (ABT) is a great favorite here and will soon be a great favorite in Russia, since he's will also dance with the Mikhailovsky Ballet. Vitor Luiz is a Principal Dancer with San Francisco Ballet, and he and Lorena Feijoo just had a baby girl. So Cuban and Brazilian cultures do have a lot in common :)

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So Cuban and Brazilian cultures do have a lot in common smile.png

Definitely, Miss Helene. Even though we come from different colonization roots-(Brazil by Portugal vs. Cuba by Spain)-it is the fusion of the European heritage with what was brought by the African slaves that makes our cultures so similar.

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Thanks everyone for the warm welcome!!!

Cuba and Brazil have a lot in common, indeed! And both countries have produced amazing dancers through time!

Unfortunately, here in Brazil we don't have many professional companies and the oportunities to perform are very few...

And beacause of this there are a lot of wonderful Brazilian dancers around the globe, as mentioned on the posts above!

Imagine all of them dancing together in one company... It would be like a dream team... ( Marcelo Gomes,Vitor Luis, Thiago Soares, Roberta Marquez... just to name a few.. )

But like I wrote, there isn't space or good oportunities yet here in Brazil, in spite of having very good dance schools and teachers... And being home of the wonderful Joinville International Dance Festival ( one of the biggest dance festivals in the world) !

Many great talents get lost or go work outside the country. Maybe someday this will change, but probably not in a near future.

Meanwhile we probably continue to export excellent talents ( like Mayara Magri, who just became member of Royal Ballet ), just keep watching!!!

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