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Taiwan Tour 2012 Castings & Reviews

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I already have ABT withdrawal symptom so please post reviews or links to reviews for the Taiwan tour.



D. Hallberg, V. Part, M. Hamrick, H. Seo

Flames of Paris (PdD)

S. Lane, D. Simkin

Cruel World (PdD)

J. Kent, C. Stearns

Diana and Acteon (PdD)

X. Reyes, H. Cornejo

Thirteen Diversions

M. Riccetto, J. Matthews, I. Boylston, M. Gomes, S. Abrera, E. Tamm, S. Messmer, A. Hammoudi

La Bayadere

7/13 - V. Part, M. Gomes, H. Seo

7/14 Matinee - P. Herrera, C. Stearns, S. Abrera

7/14 Evening - G. Murphy, D. Hallberg, I. Boylston

7/15 V. Part, M. Gomes, H. Seo

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"ABT withdrawal symptom"

Does a cure exist?

I hope so. I'm counting on Paris Opera Ballet, four performances in three days.

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Here is a review from Taipei Times.

It includes what I think is the first published report of Hallberg's injury:

. . . principal David Hallberg, who now divides his time between ABT and the Bolshoi Ballet, had broken a foot the week before and so had not made the trip.

I don't know exactly what it means to break a foot, but let's hope he recovers soon.

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I read somewhere (I think it was about Gelsey Kirkland) that a foot break can be a career ending injury. Does anyone know about this? I assume it depends on which bone, and it could be that physical therapy and surgery has advanced since Kirkland's time, but that is scary if it is true.

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It would probably be more detrimental for a female dancer given pointe work, but I would think he would be able to bounce back. I think both Sarah Lamb and Tamara Rojo have broken bones in their feet and they returned with little issue after time.

BUT this seems like the third foot/ankle injury we've heard of from him recently (last year he skipped out on the LA tour for an ankle injury, the ankle injury from the Sleeping Beauty Bolshoi broadcast, and now this). If they are all occurring on the same side there's definitely something going on there that needs to be worked out--either it's an inherent weakness that needs to be strengthened or he's overcompensating for residual ankle problems while he's dancing. I'm sure he's getting the best possible care and PT though!

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