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Swan Lake, June 25-30, 2012

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Vishneva was recently in Hamburg for the Nijinsky Gala:


Thank you for that pictures!! smile.png It just warms my heart to see these two leading lights of the Mariinsky hanging out together.

Diana also posted several pictures of the two of them on her Facebook page:


According to her page, she was in Paris at the beginning of the week, and I suppose that these engagements kept her from performing in "Swan Lake" as originally scheduled and attending Corella's farewell....? (But, seriously, where was Veronika Part??)

I admit that I was rather disappointed when Diana pulled out of "Swan Lake," since I really, really enjoyed her performance with Hallberg in 2010, but at the time, I did also wonder if she refused to dance with anyone but Marcelo! She certainly has been effusive about him on her Facebook page, even calling him "my one and only"!


Marcelo and Diana's 2009 white swan p.d.d. was the most spellbinding and beautiful I have ever seen (in my admittedly short viewing history), and I would certainly love to see them dance SL again...

...But I digress. I shall try to gather my thoughts and write more later, but I highly enjoyed Vadim Muntagirov as Siegfried. It seems like a lot of people found him bland, but I thought he was perfectly cast as the young and naive prince!

And somewhat contrary to my expectations, Julie and Marcelo were gorgeous and so romantic on Sat night. Marcelo is not a natural prince, and it's tough to believe him as naive and innocent, but OH, he looks at Odette with such love and devotion! And reaches such a fever pitch when Odile appears. Thank you, Marcelo, you made the ballet for me!

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I enjoyed the Kent/Gomes performance on Sat night for the most part, but Kent is making numerous alterations to the choreography in order to suit her present, diminished level of technical ability in order to get through the ballet.

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... I believe it's 'La Karsavina' herself, as we hear her voice on every one of the YouTube curtain-call films that she posts...

Who is this "La Karsavina" everyone seems to know?

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