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Marc Haegemann has posted a bunch of new photos of the recent Bolshoi performances of "Jewels":

Emeralds and Rubies


Emeralds features Evgenia Obrastzova/Vladislav Lantratov and Anastasia Stashkevich/Dmitry Gudanov in the Verdy/Ludlow roles, Maria Prorvich, Denis Medvedev, and Svetlana Pavlova in the "Pas de trois", and Anna Tikhomirova and Yuri Baranov in the Paul/Moncion roles.

Rubies features Ekaterina Krysanova, Yulia Grebenschchikova, Nina Kaptsova/Andrei Bolotin, and Daria Khokhlova/Vyacheslav Lopatin.

Diamonds features Olga Smirnova/Semyon Chudin and Ekaterina Krysanova/Alexander Volchkov.

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not crazy about the men's costumes in general, nor the ladies' costumes in rubies. photos are lovely tho!

Completely agree - I'm not one to get too hung up on whatever the traditional look is, but the ladies' Rubies costumes just don't suit the ballet at all.

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I commend the designer for taking a risk on the Rubies costumes. I was expecting the design to be more flapper, perhaps not an exact replica of the NYCB costume, but with jewel placement that looks more like this (for the decoration design, not necessarily the loose costume):


I don't think the Bolshoi design is a failure, I like the movement of the silver layer, perhaps if there was a matching ruby layer just above that was equally flashy.

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