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This is enthrallling -- especially for someone who has taken class with real pianists providing the music. I found myself getting emotional thinking of Olga (who often played numbers learned when working with Andre Eglevsky back in the 1950s), with Sasha, classically trained in Russia but whose heart was sometimes in an after-hours boite on Monmartrre, and with other pianists who made the experience of taking class, or observing better dancers in other classes, so much richer than it would have been with a recording.

I was told that one must always thank the pianist, sincerely and with grace, at the end of each class. I always did this.

Llke Barbara, I love the statement just before the end of the clip: that every ballet pianist "must be really dancing inside."

Thank you innopec. You are a real truffle hound when it comes to locating audio and visual treasures.

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