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Maria Kochetkova

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Kochetkova posts many, many great short video clips on her Instagram page - check 'em out:


Châinés turns



Etudes rehearsal



Giselle at Mariinsky



Rehearsal with Sebastian Kloborg




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Please delete since Pherank already posted the video in the next post.

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On 27 Oct 2016 at 4:04 PM, pherank said:

Masha dances in the new Blood Orange video:



Dance Magazine 


“When Masha posts on Instagram, people talk about it. And not just dance people—the San Francisco Ballet and American Ballet Theatre principal has more than 166,000 followers, drawn to her quirky content and statement-making style….”




She’s a Sweetheart —- and a very talented one.

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A very interesting video-instagram. She describes this Giselle excerpt in her comments as "Gelsey's ending." I had forgotten about this exit, but it's different from others who do running jetes.

She's too young to have seen Gelsey in the theater. Perhaps she's seen some of the archival footage at NYPL?





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Posted to Instagram:


balletrusse "...I can not change my height, but what I can do is to dance as big as anyone else"

Our special project #defiant starring Maria Kochetkova, one of the best ballet dancers of our time.
Maria doesn't take no for an answer, with the incredible will she pushes towards her goals while staying true to herself. Rarely you see that in the ballet world – the world with total obedience to the canons and the discipline of iron. However, Maria managed to break these canons and did not allow others to dictate how she should behave. And because of this, she remains the inspiration for aspiring ballerinas.
She calls it luck, we call it well deserved pay off for her incredible will and work.

Project & video by Alisa Aslanova (@alisaaslanova )
Music by Dana Sokolova (@danasokolova_official ) feat. Scroodgee (@scroodgee_official ) – "Indigo"



La Personne Ballet Magazine



'Maria Kochetkova is the person of our September issue and the brightest representative of the pleiad of defiant ballet dancers who, in spite of everything, break borders and stereotypes.
“First of all you are a person” – under such motto Alisa Aslanova presents her special project “Defiant”. '

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Masha to appear in Vogue? And which national edition of Vogue? The photo shoot was apparently done at the beautiful Paramount Theater in Oakland , California (an historic Art Deco-styled theater, built in 1931).


balletrusse #vogue shoot with @jucophoto at the most beautiful theater I have ever seen




This is what the theater looks like today:





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