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Hi there!

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Hi everyone!

I've been lurking for a while and now decided to finally sign up :)

I'm from The Netherlands and I love watching and reading about ballet, occassionaly I write about it for a Dutch cultural webmagazine and I'm an adult beginner. I really liked ballet when I was young, but in my early teens I didn't pay attention to it anymore. A few years ago after seing Don Quixote I became hooked again. I'm looking forward to talking with people who love ballet as well! happy.png

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We're happy to meet you, Isasbelka!

Don Quixote is certainly one of those ballets that can hook both new ballet fans and lapsed ones. We're glad that it worked on you so that you've found us.

I hope you'll check in regularly and tell us, from the fan's viewpoint, what's happening these days on the Dutch ballet scene.

Welcome to BalletAlert!

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Yes, welcome, Isabelka. Looking forward to hearing from you. As a former "adult beginner" (now retired) I always appreciate the insights of those who have learned the value of learning by doing.

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The Dutch National Ballet's videos of Don Quixote and Giselle are very good! You will have to report on live performances you see there to keep us informed! Welcome!!!

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