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Has anybody seen this...? French writer-director Roselyn Bosch does a great job of taking the subject of the 1942 Vel' d'Hiv Parisian roundup of French Jews. Going as a parallel story with that of Paquet-Brenner's "Sarah's Key"-(reviewed in this subforum also)-here we're faced again with the horror of the thousands of Jews that were rounded up into this sports arena and then sent off to the camps, never to return. A single line over the final credits recalls that thousands of more Jews were in fact hidden from the Gestapo by brave Parisians, but the drama itself focuses on those who were delivered to the Nazis by complicit French police officers and civil servants. Veteran French actor Jean Reno plays a kindly Jewish doctor who stayed with his patients; Melanie Laurent-(from Inglorious Bastards)-is a nurse who did her best to help. It's a straightforward drama, well acted and well produced. I went to see it last night and I can't get the images out of my head.

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