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I'm obviously new to the forum. I'm not a dancer, just someone who loves watching, reading and talking about ballet and ballet dancers.

Just a brief explanation of how I came to be here. Back in the 80s, I saw videotape of Natalia Bessmertnova in Giselle and Swan Lake, and instantly became hooked. When I finally got to see these ballets performed by actual human beings, I was even more hooked. I still get excited about seeing full-length story ballets, and will crawl barefoot over bottle caps to see my favorite dancers in my favorite ballets. I also have an ever-expanding library of performances on DVD and Blu-Ray.

I'm looking forward to talking with you all!


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Hi, Kerry! Many of us started out much like you did -- hooked by a tv show or a video or movie. What makes BalletAlert! a lively place is that there are so many varied details even when the broad outlines of our experiences are similar. For you, it was Bessmertnova in those touchstone classics, for someone else, perhaps, Baryshnikov in Twyla Tharp.

I look forward to hearing from you. Welcome to BalletAlert! :flowers:

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