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It's great to be posting on this board--where things can be discussed like if the Lilac Ferry wears pointe shoes in the prologue--and people don't give you a funny look. :)

I have a bit of a ballet background, but more as a lover than a dancer. When I was little I was fascinated with my mother's picture books on ballet, and grew up at performances of Nutcracker, and Coppelia in Alberta. Since then I've become more of an actor in musical theatre, but being used to, well being, the only boy in dance class for years, helped me immensely. I'm currently in Victoria, BC, where there isn't much ballet, but it's made me more interested again in the ballet culture around the world. Without this sounding too much like a personal ad, I admit my weakness is for the Russian story ballets, anything from Petipa on.

This is a great site and I hope to be able to join in the conversation!

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Welcome to Ballet Alert, EricHG31; we're happy to have you with us. Glad you like the site; the moderators work hard to make it enjoyable for all. Hope you'll enjoy sharing in our discussions; we cover just about every aspect of ballet.


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