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Segerstrom Center has put up the program for the Kings dates later this month. I guess we didn't realize how lucky we had it with the original Kings program. This looks like its along the lines of Reflections, which I hated last year.



Music by Federico Bigonzetti

Choreography by Mauro Bigonzetti

Costumes by Igor Chapurin

Lighting by Carlo Cerri

Assistant to Choreographer: Carlos Prado

Costumes produced under supervision of Holly Hynes

Performed by

David Hallberg, Marcelo Gomes, Guillaume Côté, Ivan Vasiliev, Denis Matvienko



Music by Leo Brouwer

(Elogio de la Danza)

Choreography and Costume by Nacho Duato

Assistant to Choreographer: Thomas Klein

Performed by David Hallberg


Music by Barbara (Songs: Drout, Sid’ amour a mort)

Choreography by Marco Goecke

Assistant to Choreographer: Rolando D’Alesio

Performed by Guillaume Côté


Music by Frederic Chopin

(Nocturne #1 In B Flat Minor, Op. 9/1, CT 108)

Choreography by Edward Clug

Performed by Denis Matvienko


Music by Tomaso Antonio Vitali

(Ciaconne in G Minor for Violin and Piano)

Choreography by Patrick De Bana

Performed by Ivan Vasiliev


Music by Franz Joseph Haydn

(Symphony No 100 In G, H 1/100, “Military” – 1. Adagio, Allegro)

Choreography by Jorma Elo

Performed by Marcelo Gomes


Music by Guillaume Côté

(Piano Sonata no. 4 in F# minor)

Choreography by Marcelo Gomes

Performed by

David Hallberg, Guillaume Côté, Denis Matvienko, Ivan Vasiliev, Marcelo Gomes

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