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Introducing Myself

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Hello everyone! I am a ballet teacher (university), and love all aspects of this art. I am always very happy to read intelligent discussion about dance and dancers, and therefore had to join when I found this forum. I've been posting on Ballet Talk for Dancers/Teachers for a while, but didn't know this one existed until yesterday. I'm looking forward to reading more and participating too. At the moment, I live in an area of the country where I don't get the opportunity to see much good ballet, but in the past I have had the opportunity to see a wealth of performances, so I'll love hearing from people who can see the things I can't right now.

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Welcome to Ballet Talk, Stage Right; we're happy to have you. It's fun to have both sites on hand; two views into the ballet world. You know the routine so we hope you will share in our discussions and enjoy investigating our forums.


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Welcome, Stage Right. i now live in an area with one first-rate ballet company , but very little in the way of superior classical ballet otherwise.

I love to read reviews and comments by our members in places like New York, London, Paris, or St. Petersburg. But there's also much for me to learn from discussions about dvd performances, or illustrated by YouTube clips, even when they deal with of dancers I don't know and ballets I may never have seen.

Looking forward to your joining the discussions.

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