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Bouder & Huxley: interviews

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Anthony Huxley's discussion of his relationship with Gloria Govrin is interesting. I saw him in Jewels in June and, quite frankly, he was the lone standout in what looked like a depleted and spent male soloist and principal roster. Hard to believe Govrin didn't see his potential. (In her defense, Huxley may have been a late bloomer.)

If in fact Govrin was mostly worried about Huxley's height, this begs the question: Was it always thus, especially when Balanchine was alive? I remember reading something Suzanne Farrell said some years ago. She expressed concern that perhaps Balanchine's followers were coalescing too much around a certain body type mean and young dancers with unorthodox bodies were less and less likely to get hearing. (Certainly, Farrell isn't rigid in her thinking as she picked up Matthew Renko after the Massacre of 2009 (tm - miliosr) and he doesn't have the "ideal" body either.)

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